Thursday, April 1, 2010

Happy April Fool's Day!

"What do worms eat?"
"Have you ever wondered what dirt tastes like?"
"Are you sure? Hmmmm.... maybe I will try a little and describe it to you.... (take a bite of "dirt" out of a flower pot... embellish with contemplative chewing, a grimace, a pause)... I think I found a worm!"
"Eeewwww! Don't eat it!"

(Pull out the worm... show them its a gummy worm)

Enjoy the riotous laughter!

Want to try some "dirt"? Combine chocolate pudding, crushed chocolate grahams, and a gummy worm or two!

Happy April Fool's Day!

Thanks to Gisela Tilch of The Giving Tree Montessori School (Colorado Springs, CO) for the inspiration (she uses this as part of a geography unit, rather than accompanying an annelid/gardening/April Fool's Day theme... I guess it's an inter-disciplinary prank!).

Thanks to our local Starbucks (Ken Pratt and South Bowen) for the 3 oz. sample cups- the perfect insert for these miniature flower pots!

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