Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bloom! Montessori School of Longmont

Welcome to Bloom! I am Abigail Miller. I live in Longmont, Colorado with my darling husband, Joshua. Over the past few years, he has supported me in pursuing my passion for working with young children in a Montessori setting. I went back to school and received my American Montessori Society diploma and had the opportunity to work with very talented women at Boulder's most beautiful Montessori school.

This year, I am fulfilling my dream of working for myself and opening my own Montessori school in Longmont. My husband spent the last few months building small chairs and open shelves to transform our home it into the most beautiful Montessori children's house (casa dei bambini). This blog will take you along on our school's journey - please come along, you're invited!

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  1. Abby and Josh... I am wishing my kids had your school.. although I guess we did have a similar kind of time with you all didn't we? So very fun to play with kids discovering all the wonders of the world... You are doing a great job, love the Farm to School program, the CSA offer, the bread and fungi... all so very fun and wonderful for those lucky kids.

    You go!