Thursday, October 1, 2009

Darling Gift from Urban Infants

When plastic water bottles die they hope to end up in the hands of Kelly Friedl...

As you may know, sleep is very important to the lives of young children (and to me personally). Being adequately rested improves their memory consolidation, capacity for abstraction, metabolism, and yes, their little outlooks as well.

I really loathe the childcare practice of having children nap on mats on the floor- it just doesn't seem very cozy to me. So when we opened the school, I made a point of purchasing nice little cots for each child (so the nap room more closely resembles the sleeping quarters in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs than a therm-a-rest convention) and instead of mismatched linens, we supply each new student with their own lovely little tot cot.

The tot cots that we purchase come from a lovely brother and sister owned company called Urban Infant which specializes in making environmentally friendly infant and toddler products. We absolutely love the them (Urban Infants also has really wonderful recycled mitten clips and some really cute baby shower gifts)! These cute and cozy little linen sets are very durable, machine washable, have a built in pillow and pocket, a place to label the linens with each child's name, and they roll up nicely like a yoga mat. They are also made out of recycled PET plastic water bottles! In fact, their tot cots are so amazing, that they have been sold out of them for almost a month!

Today, my shipment finally arrived (just in time for our new students!) and it contained a little gift for the children- this adorable wooden kitchen utensil set! I can't wait to break out a new vegan muffin recipe and start mixing! Incidentally, one young boy asked me today if we could make more of the vegan muffins we made out of the Veganomicon cookbook last week!
To learn more about Urban Infants, please visit their website at There is a short, optimistic video about plastic water bottles and landfill waste that makes me cry every time I watch it... you and I are raising the next generation.

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